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Dwelling House in Flüeli

Dwelling House in Flüeli

Brother Klaus built the Dwelling House in Flüeli for his wife and ten children. Here he was farmer, magistrate, judge and father. He left from here to go to war when his homeland called him, and here he tussled in prayer, for many a long hour. Then on October 16th 1467, he left from here one last time, to begin his new life in devotion to God.

Also the house where Brother Klaus was born in 1417 can still be visited.

Ranft Gorge

The Brother Klaus’ path led firstly to Liestal, then back over to his Alp Chlisterli dropping down in to the Ranft Gorge, near to the dwelling house. And this is where the local people erected a chapel for him, with adjoining living cell.

Hermitage in the Ranft Valley

In the hermitage in the Ranft Valley he lived for 20 years, existing purely and simply on the Holy Sacrament. He gave help and advice to all who came by. In his cell Brother Klaus grew very near to God, in all his marvellous ways and the Priest Heimo Amgrund visited him here to seek advice, which later saved the Confederation. Then on March 21st 1487, he died here.

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